Uruguay- Colina – Day 37 – 39

Colina is a two hour bus ride from Montevideo and 1 hour by boat from Beunos Aires. It is an fort town that has a lot of the old buildings. It is really cute little place, with cobbled streets, fort walls and sea views. There is even a light house. 

Dinner is all about the rabas, which is what they call fried squid. Everywhere sells it, tasty and cheap. 

The hostel I stayed in on he first night was a complete nightmare, the door was dirty, they forgot to give me sheets and the other guy in the room woke up at 6am. I woke feeling like hell, the old of the night and dirty had made me sick. Thinking the place could get any worst, I has breakfast, a salty pastry and watered down orange juice. I followed that with a cold shower. At this point I snapped, grabbed my stuff and stormed to the desk. I told the person behind the desk that this place was not fit for human beings and that I would not pay full price. I then put down exactly half of the rest of money due and stormed out. I went and found a lovely bed a d breakfast, gave them my credit card. At this point I was at my wits end and needs normally, niceness and safety. This lovely bed and breakfast was just what I needed. I sent a full day in bed recovering and watching Netflix. 

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