New web site is live

I am very proud to announce that my new portfolio site is now live.

This site has been nearly a year in the making, as I knew that I wanted to revamp my portfolio for over 2 years, but it turned out more difficult than I can have possibly imagined. Starting work last year, I set out to design the best site I possibly could. 6 months ago, I even had a version that I was happy with but I simply didn’t have the drive to finish it. Being a designer and seeing web sites everyday makes it extremely hard to track down exactly what I like (design wise). So designing and making this site was a very personal experience for me, helping me decide what I like as a designer and building something that I am perfectly happy with, no mean feet. Now that it is finished I couldn’t be more happy with it. After reflecting on design, I thought, what is this site? I decided to take inspiration from Chris Coyier who runs an amazing community based web development site called CSS-Tricks. Having spent so much time reading blogs and using open source software, I thought enough was enough, time to give back to the web development community. I launched the site so I can give back and have a space to share my ideas on where I want the web to go.