New years resoltions for 2016

  1. Be an organizer, plan events, meetings and interesting trips 
  2. Take a trip to a far away country, like America. 
  3. Stop stress eating and eat smaller amounts 
  4. Read more to learn things, broaden my mind 
  5. Learn a new programming language or framework, make a project using framework
  6. Watch / listen more none mainstream media, find indie films and new music
  7. Commit to 10k steps a day
  8. Create list of things to do with weekend and spare time and do them.
  9. Buy a good camera and become a better photographer. 
  10. Take more breaks and have a full lunch break away from my desk.

New years resoltions for 2015

It is that time again to write my list of resolutions. I think it is going to be a really big year this year.

  1. Prioritise happiness over productivity
  2. Leave more time to get ready and prepare things earlier
  3. Get rid of unused computer hardware and simplify technologies I used
  4. Move all my projects, documents and photos to scalable cloud services I.e GitHub and Google drive.
  5. See more live comedy
  6. Plan to move out and make it happen
  7. Sleep more
  8. Watch more movies and read for fun
  9. Share what I know about WordPress
    • Blog
    • Talks
  10. Security
    • Change passwords
    • Delete unused accounts.
    • Enable two factor authentication
  11. Privacy, lock down social media accounts.
  12. Automate where possible
  13. Don’t waste time on YouTube.