Brazil: Day 1

I landed into Brazil, into the world famous, Rio de Janeiro. The first thing to note about the airport I landed into was it was over and hour and a half by car from where I was staying. Rio is a massive city, but that being said, the airport really is in the middle of no where. It isn’t too painful to get into town with buses running every 10 minutes that will get you into the main city bus station. From the main city station you can get another bus nearer to where you are staying. For some reason when I landed and with no sleep on the flight, I decided to walk the 1.7 miles to the hostel. This may have been the stupidest thing I have ever done. It took me over an hour to walk in the heat and the walk wasn’t even useful, just horrible and by the time I got there I was completely wiped out. It didn’t help also that the hostel is on biggest hill I have ever walked up. Rio is built up over a series of hills and mountains. This means that many of the street is hard to walk up, as they are so steep. Getting to the hostel at around 7 in the morning, I couldn’t check in for another 7 hours, which meant I had a lot of time to kill. So I left the bag with the hostel and went for a walk. This is where I leant the true scale of the city, with small jumps on the map, ending up to be 45 minute walks. I walked aimlessly around the city for 7 hours, until I got back at 2. Once in the room I slept the sleep on the dead, waking 4 hours later.


The hostel is nice and was visually very beautiful. Being a bit posh, went for a private room, that only worked out to me around £10 a night more expensive a night which was worth for me. The hostel is the “cool” / “hippy” part of town. This means that it has a reputation about being a little Alternative. Lapas is cool and there are wonderful graffiti everywhere. However it does like most cool parts of town seem to be located next to the bad part of town. There are a couple side streets that looked a bit tastey and I have already noted which ones to avoid.

It was a long old day, now time to sleep! Night folks.