Spacedmonkey Relaunch

Welcome to the all new Spacedmonkey!

Today I am proud to announce the all new Spacedmonkey, version 7. If you don’t know, this  site has been running since 2006 and is a blog written by me (Jonny Harris). Today I am proud to announce a complete reboot of the site. This reboot included a redesign and new ethos. This new ethos, can be summed up  simply, “What am I thinking or doing right now”. This ethos can be seen in the site’s design, as the home page, only has the latest post. The whole site is ment to be a expression of what is on my mind right now, which you can seen from the notepad style design.

One of the biggest problems as a professional web designer (which I am), is that, for ones own site’s it is almost impossible to design something I liked. All designers are perfectionist  and I was never happy with what I designed. It wasn’t until I decided what I wanted to do with this site did the site really come together. With a new focus, a clean and clear looking design, I have a renewed drive to do something really great with this site.

This site has under gone countless changes in the past but no one as big as this. All the old blogs an content can still be found on the site, but this is a brand new start for the site. I have some really big plans and I look forward to growing the site in the future.

I would love to hear your feedback on the new design for the site, post your views in the comments.

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