New years resolutions for 2014

After a really big last year, I am going to push a bit more and get even more done this year. So here we go.

  1. Move out
  2. Open source
    • Report bugs
    • Publish another wordpress plugin
    • Move all work to Github
    • Be more open
  3. Get rid of things I am not using, games etcs
  4. Book things and plan for the future
  5. Remember to have more fun and be positive
  6. Don’t watch repeats or rewatch things
  7. Improve my health
    • Get health problems sorted quicker
    • Eat less junk food
    • Stop drinking fizzy drinks
    • Look after myself better
  8. Travel to North Europe
  9. Read  / listen to 10 or more books from this list
  10. Discover new things
    • Indie movies
    • Anime
    • Comedy
    • Music
    • Bars and restaurants

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