New years resoltions for 2019

It is the time of year, that I make more resolutions for the year. I have been doing this style of blog now for 11 years. I think it one of my faviour things to do, as it keeps me honest about my goals for the year.

  1. Learn to drive 
  2. Expand my pallet 
  3. Finish books that I start 
  4. Rewrite my personal site with react / css grid / different hosting.
  5. Cut of caffeine drinks 
  6. Hit saving goal and save for pension.
  7. Do company admin as I go and don’t let it mount up 
  8. Stop swearing 
  9. Improve IT security of everyone in my life
  10. Setup regular appointments with dentist, barber, opticians and doctor. Make calendar reminders to follow up on these appointments.

Sorry this post is late, it has been sitting in draft since before the next year.

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