New years resoltions for 2013

Of all the lists I have written this is one was the hardest to write, as I wish to pack in a lot this year.

  1. Move out
  2. Travel
  3. Be decisive
  4. Go digital
    • Move as much as possible to the cloud
    • Backup online
    • Stop buying physical media, DVD/Blu Rays
    • Use technology to overcome my poor memory
  5. Don’t procrastinate
  6. Don’t waste my time and get the most out of my time
    • Don’t watch TV/films at I don’t care about
  7. Be more sociable, meet new people and make new friends
  8. Don’t be a snob
  9. Learn to cook a roast
  10. Complain less, laugh more

One thought on “New years resoltions for 2013

  1. I like your resolution about stop buying physical medium but only if the cloud based stuff is as good as the original. For example lossy MP3s are a shoddy substitute for the CD, as are HD videos encoded in Dolby Digital 5.1 to Blu Ray movies. It’s annoying when one spends a lot of cash on a 7.1 system with high quality fronts so you can enjoy high resolution music or 7.1 tracks only to be told you have to suffer inferior quality material because the mass market don’t appreciate it all.

    Truth is we have the capacity to deliver lossless quality cloud based material but because it’s cheaper and easier to host compressed rubbish, service providers keep hiding behind this rubbish of “oh Internet is too slow”.

    Until cloud based media is as good as the physical (I.e. 1:1) I’m sticking to physical medium. I paid good money for my setup and I intend to flex its muscles in every way. If I want compressed stuff I would have settled a bog standard 2.1 system from currys 😛

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