Last years Resolutions revisited 2016

I have been doing these new years resolutions post, since 2007. I think it has really become an important part of my life, as it gives me a chance to reflect on goals I have for the next year and reflect goals I did and didn’t manage to archive in the year. These posts are normally published in early January at the same time the new resolutions go up. However, those following this blog and who know me well, know that 2016 was a very different year for me. Half way the year, I decided to quit my job and go travelling. This put a lot of things out of whack in my life as everything went on hold. This list doesn’t really feel like it reflects my goals for 2016 anymore. But for the sake of completion, I will still work my way though the list.

  1. Be an organiser, plan events, meetings and interesting trips 
    I feel like I completed this one. Planning a trip around south america and USA, was really hard. 
  2. Take a trip to a far away country, like America.
    I went around South America, Mexico, USA and Canada on a backpacking trip for 7 months.
  3. Stop stress eating and eat smaller amounts 
    I lost a lot of weight travelling and the amount of food I eat was very controlled. But this is an on going thing. 
  4. Read more to learn things, broaden my mind
    I had a lot time to reading while travelling. 
  5. Learn a new programming language or framework, make a project using framework
    I didn’t have the time to get around to this one.
  6. Watch / listen more none mainstream media, find indie films and new music
    This is one that I didn’t do, as it really didn’t fit into plan for the year.
  7. Commit to 10k steps a day
    I have since bought a fitbit and I using it to track steps.
  8. Create list of things to do with weekend and spare time and do them.
    I didn’t do this one. I don’t really know why. 
  9. Buy a good camera and become a better photographer.
    I bought a Canon 75D and having been taking pictures with it whenever I can.
  10. Take more breaks and have a full lunch break away from my desk.

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