Last years Resolutions revisited 2018

It’s the time of year again to revisit last’s resolutions.

Be better in touching base with people. Send messages, call and take people out for dinner. Make sure you know what is going on in my friends and family’s life.

Failed. With running business and working open source project, I think I have got waste at this. I do do catchups with friends, but I am rubbish at answering texts.

Drink more watch and less soda

Success. The trick to this not buying it and having it in the house.

Learn to drive

Failed. Again, this comes down to limited time. I am going to try and find time this year.

Walk more

Success. Moving house helps with this and going for walks in the Richmond area.

Be more mindful and read up on mindfulness.

Success. I was more mindful this year and I tried to rest more. I think having a place to fix that I want to spend time, really helps with resting at home.

Read about nutrition

Success. I did read a book called The Diet Myth. I also read some interesting

Do more public speaking

Success. I did a talk at WordPress meetup. I put in requests to speak at 4 WordCamps.

Be more humble

Success. This is one, I need to remember and also keep in mind.

Invest money better

Success. Put my money in premium bonds, as they are super flexible.

Take more downtime away from my computers.

Success. Put my money in premium bonds, as they are super flexible.

Not bad this year with only 2 really fails. I have been extremely busy this year, so find time to do lots of these things.