Last years Resolutions revisted 2015

It is the time of the year when I look back on the year that has gone by and see how well I did on my new years resolutions.

  1. Prioritise happiness over productivity
    This one feels like a fail, I was extremely hard on myself last year on a number of personal projects I was working on. Will do better next year.
  2. Leave more time to get ready and prepare things earlier
    Getting up earlier and setting aside time for admin has been life changing. It cuts down a lot of stress to not rush things in the morning.
  3. Get rid of unused computer hardware and simplify technologies I used
    Still have some things to sell, but I feel I did this. Number 6 on my list helped with this.
  4. Move all my projects, documents and photos to scalable cloud services I.e GitHub and Google drive.
    It took me nearly a month to upload all my images and documents to google drive. Well worth it the hard drives in my flat are now almost never used.
  5. See more live comedy
    I went to Scotland in August to see comedy at the fringe festival. Also saw a number of shows in London in the year. Was great to see some big headliners, but I might try and go to some shows for up and comers in 2016.
  6. Plan to move out and make it happen
    Easily the biggest life change ever. So glad it finally happened, after being on these lists since 2013. Finally got there and couldn’t be happier about it.
  7. Sleep more
    Massive fail on this. Last year was pretty high stress for a number of reasons. I was however more rested, which is good, I guess.
  8. Watch more movies and read for fun
    This feels like a fail, as it is the least amount I have been to the movies in years. I think it one of the poorest year’s in my life for films.
  9. Share what I know about WordPress
    • Blog
    • Talks

    This was less of fail and more that I decided it wasn’t for me. I did do a lot of open source stuff in 2015. I even got something committed into WordPress core in 2015. Something I am extremely proud of.

  10. Security
    • Change passwords
    • Delete unused accounts.
    • Enable two factor authentication

    Installed 1Password was a really big step forward on this one. I had a massive problem with using insecure password as I have a poor memory. Installing this means I could use secure passwords. I was also forced to install 2FA for work, so it pushed me to do it in my personal life as well.

  11. Privacy, lock down social media accounts.
  12. Automate where possible
    I used IFTTT to automate much of my life. It did become a pain to maintain some of it and I gave up after a while. There wasn’t much in my life I needed to automate, so it wasn’t too bad.
  13. Don’t waste time on YouTube.
    Massive fail on this one. I find myself not watching tv anymore and youtube has lots of great content. It hasn’t help me get to sleep, as I end up watching hours of youtube when I can’t sleep. 🙁

8 of 13, not great, must try harder.

New years resoltions for 2016

  1. Be an organizer, plan events, meetings and interesting trips 
  2. Take a trip to a far away country, like America. 
  3. Stop stress eating and eat smaller amounts 
  4. Read more to learn things, broaden my mind 
  5. Learn a new programming language or framework, make a project using framework
  6. Watch / listen more none mainstream media, find indie films and new music
  7. Commit to 10k steps a day
  8. Create list of things to do with weekend and spare time and do them.
  9. Buy a good camera and become a better photographer. 
  10. Take more breaks and have a full lunch break away from my desk.