My love letter to google reader

It has been a week or two since google shutdown Google reader, but I still wanted to say something about it. It is easy for me to say, that google reader is the only web service I have truly loved. I like services like twitter and Facebook, but google reader in-bodied everything I wanted out of a online rss reader. I started using the service in 2005 and after I started I was hooked. By 2013, I was subscribed to over 300 feeds and spent over an hour a day reading through my feeds. In many ways, google reader became my Internet. It was my way of connecting with the websites I liked, how I read all my news and kept up to date with my friends projects. It is first thing I would check in the morning and last I would read before bed.

When I found out that google was shutting down the service, I was honestly upset. This is my problem with cloud services is that they can’t be trusted, as at anytime, the provider can remove the service. It seems like google simply got bored of supporting reader and decided to let it’s loyal users down. I feel very let down but google and google has now become a company that I am not longer willing to invest my time in any of it’s services. The fact is that google is pushing to be more social, with google plus and are shutting down services can’t make them money directly. It makes me mad to think, that google focusing on plus, instead of reader. Reader may not of a widespread appeal, but it had to all reports, millions of loyal users. The question is, why couldn’t reader have become part of google plus?

I currently using feedly as my rss reader, it is not as good, but it is the best I could find for free and has an open api, so that my iPhone app, bylines can cache it offline.

Google reader, you will be missed.

Jonny xxx