New years resoltions for 2013

Of all the lists I have written this is one was the hardest to write, as I wish to pack in a lot this year.

  1. Move out
  2. Travel
  3. Be decisive
  4. Go digital
    • Move as much as possible to the cloud
    • Backup online
    • Stop buying physical media, DVD/Blu Rays
    • Use technology to overcome my poor memory
  5. Don’t procrastinate
  6. Don’t waste my time and get the most out of my time
    • Don’t watch TV/films at I don’t care about
  7. Be more sociable, meet new people and make new friends
  8. Don’t be a snob
  9. Learn to cook a roast
  10. Complain less, laugh more

Last years Resoltions revisted 2012

It is the time of the year when I remember, a wait a have a blog. Well, it is time to see how well I have done on my new years Resoltions of 2012.

  1. Be a better communicator
    This is one that oh EVERYONE in my life has asked for and I have listened and I am replying, finally. 

    • Use new forms of communication to stay in touch
    • Answer messages quicker, even if it is just to say I got the message
    • Use better diction

    I think this is a success, I have got a lot better, answering messages quicker. I also became a big fan of facebook messages, as it is a platform that everyone is on these days.

  2. Finish things I have started
    There are so many graphic novels, audiobooks and TV series I have started and never finished. There is new stuff coming in. I want to finish the backlog before starting ANYTHING new.
    This one was harder than it looked. It meant that I didn’t buy anymore books or games. I did learn a lesson about giving up on things that I wasn’t enjoying and not wasting my time.
  3. Read at least 5 books (see above)
    I am sorry to admit that I didn’t manage this one. I didn’t have any books that I felt like I was dying to read. However I listened to 17 audio books and read this many graphic novels. I failed but replaced it with other things.
  4. Go to at least 5 EU countries
    Fail. I didn’t manage 5 EU countries, only 3. I had the choice of going on holiday on august or going to reading, I am glad with what I chose.
  5. Buy less stuff and sort out what I do use
    • Sort through my things, either though away, sell or give to friends things I don’t use
    • No more clothes, gadgets or dvds

    And I am not going back, living lighter is much better and I don’t feel so wasteful.

  6. Save for my future
    Good thing to, I have a big year ahead of me.
  7. Start an open source project with a friend
    This didn’t happen, I had a meeting with one of my friends about this and I didn’t find a project that either of us got excited about. I did however launch my new portfolio site, that includes a snippets and scripts section.
  8. Eat less junk and learn to enjoy good food
  9. Get in shape
    Not enough time, on my list this year.
  10. Readdress my work/life balance.
  11. Get loyalty cards and uses vouchers
    The boots and odeon cards have been really useful.
  12. Get healthy
  13. Listen to music
    This one was harder than I thought, it was more about discovering new music. I started listening to the radio and using services like to find new music.
  14. Get better sleepThe trick is going to bed earlier and turn off electrics in my room.
  15. BlogLooking at this website, you may feel like I have failed this one, but with the launch of my new portfolio site, I now have another blog I have been writing for. I am writing about creating websites, something I really care about and it is going well.

I have had a good year for resolutions, I love writing them down as it helps me to focus on the things that are important.