The Death of Superman

So this video has been around for a while and I believe that I have posted about it on some form of social media before. But I found myself thinking about it again so I decided to share it here. The first time that I watched this video, I will admit that I had never read the comics books discussed in it. I haven’t been a fan of the Superman character in comics. I was even less of fan of the last two films that were made, being extremely disappointed by Man of Steel. But after watching this video I went back and read the death of superman and the return of superman. You know what, you might just be better off watching this video. This video is great, funny, interesting and full of great cameos.

The surprising truth about what motivates us

I found this video about a year ago and it ever since I think about it a lot. I work in an creative industry and this video relates to a lot of the issues I deal with at work. What is most interesting is the reasoning behind why people do open source. It is created by a group called RSA, who do a number of interesting talks and they have animated a number of them.

Watch it, share it.


Direct TV advert rant!

It is not often that I see a video that makes me truly mad. Yes, there is a lot of horrible things on the internet, but the latest advert from direct tv has really got to me. It features the super hot, Kate Upton in basically no clothes and without any sort of subtext, just tries to link pretty girl to product. Now you may say, advertisers have been doing this for years, but the way in which this advert doesn’t even try to marry the two ideas, makes me think that direct tv think that everyone watching is a complete idiot. So I ask myself, who is this advert for. It is not women, Kate is being completely objectified and with her bed room eyes, I doubt she will ingratiate herself with many house wives. Is it men, that are ment to be so stupid that they swallow the, “Pretty girl say get product, me do”, message. Seriously what the hell is wrong with the advertisers of this product, I mean, what was that meeting like, “Pretty girl on beach, just says the product name, that okay with everyone? Lunch?”. This isn’t even the first time Kate Upton as been in an advert like this, she is in a Super Bowl Commercial, where she sits in the back of a convertible, basically having sex with this burger.

I ask advertisers, do you think I am going to swallow this crap? Do you really think that treating your audience like that are cave dwellers, makes them want to  buy your product?
Judge for yourself.