Brazil: Day 2

Day 2 and today is the day to really get my head around the city. Yesterday I was pretty tired and didn’t really explore in any meaningfull way. Not having my head on straight didn’t help with that. Today is really time to explore. 

First things first however, I had a little bit of admin to catchup on, getting my phone sorted. Being in country for over a month, means not having a phone is really out of the question. Besides, as I am finding that not one understand English, having a phone to get directions and use google translate is a must have! So I went out to a SIM card. In the UK, this would have been the most simple task, with every news agents worth it’s salt selling sims. Not in Brazil. Because of some country law, all sims must be registered ( most likely to deal with crime ) and as an none Brazilian getting a sim (or chip) as they call them was interesting. I will not bored with the details but 2 hours, 5 Tim stored later, I managed to get a prepaid sim with data. 

Wanted to get the big guns out of the way first, I decided to go the Christ first. Looking at weather reports, it seemed like the best day to do in the time I was going to be there. However the weather was rubbish, with much of the Christ cover by cloud while we were there. The cloud cover also limited by view of the city. But it did mean I could get the most epic self ever. It was worth a look for sure. It the views of the city were amazing and the scale of the Christ was truly amazing. 
With little light left in the day, decided to have a walk a long the beach. Went home a different root and found these amazing red stairs, pictured below. I love that they did that work for something that seems to serve no other purpose than to look really cool. I think it speaks to the soul of Brazil that art and music are so important to them. 

Another long day with 26k worth of steps . Will sleep well again today. Night all

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