Brazil: Day 12-13

Had some admit to catchup on, such as booking the next hostel and transfer, so spent some time the hostel. This was more of an issue, as the place was a mess. It was less of a hostel and more a spare room in a farm house populated by a family. This family also runs a resterate out of the front of the place, so it was never quite. It didn’t help that the building was falling to pieces. The toilet in fact had massive holes in the roof and when you went to the toilet, the rain would come in. Not fun. 

With the cost of the two tours burning a hole in my pocket, on my last day, I decided on my last day in town, to do a tour of the local area by myself. It turned out the local area, had a lot to see. But it was pretty scary just walking off into wilds on my own. 

I walked around for around 5 hours, which is amazing, however, only 10 minutes from the hostel, I managed to misjudge a jump between some rocks and fell. I landed really badly and hurt my leg. I limped home and got myself patched up. 


Leaving town early tomorrow. TTFN

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