Here’s Jonny

Welcome to Spacedmonkey, I am Jonny Harris and a 29 year old, web developer from London, England. I have always had a keen interest in computers and design, studying Computer Network Management and Design at the University of Portsmouth, graduating (with hons) in 2009. After graduating, I decided to follow my dream and turn my hobby (web design) into a profession, where I was lucky to be hired by xanda.net where I remain to this day.

I am an advocate for open source, trying to give back as much as I can, writing scripts and plugins to try and make the web beter. My open source and professional work can be found at my porfolio.

Other interests include apple, music, photography, reading graphic novels and gaming. If you wish to get in touch with, me you do so on my contact page or feel free to stalk me on social networks like, Facebook, twitter or flickr.

About Spacedmonkey

Spacedmonkey was started over 13 years ago, as a way to teach myself HTML and ever since then it has been my pet project. I like to think that this site is at the bleeding edge of the internet and is a space for me to express myself.

With version 7, launched in march 2012, the site got a complete overhaul, rebooting the blog started in 2006, starting completely a fresh. This reboot included a redesign and new ethos. This new ethos, can be summed up by simply, “What am I thinking or doing right now”. This ethos can be seen in the site’s design, as the home page, only has the latest post. The whole site is ment to be a expression of what is on my mind right now, which you can seen from the notepad style design.

The site is written in my beloved wordpress and the theme was custom written ( and designed) by me using my own custom worpdress framework called Nucleus. The site is hosted by TSO host.